Olafsfjorðor – A Harny Tour 4/11/2014

After a weather day that saw substantial rain, snow and wind we awoke in Siglufjorðor at the hostel and went to the bakari for some breakfast. We had seen some sweet lines as we passed through Olafsfjorðor the day before. The access here is amazing with stately peaks that touch about 3300′ all around. These peaks may be short on height but the lines offer up about 3000′ of vertical and some lines drop right down to the Arctic Ocean.

We drove to Siðra just north of Olafsfjorðor and parked at a convenient trailhead and geared up. As we were getting ready a guide from Courcheval and his group arrived with reports of blue ice or harn on the other side of the valley. We decided to go for it anyway and pick our route based on what we were seeing. It would have been a shame to waste some patched of blue sky. You never know until you go.

So up we went and were discouraged to find the blue ice everywhere. It wasn’t like East Coast blue, it what more friable and actually edgeable but we sure as hell were not heading up anything steep. We climbed up the valley a ways for some exercise. Then skied the very unusual snow back to the Subaru. Strange place.

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