Skeiðsfjall 950m Myriam’s Gully – 4/9/2014

After a long flight to Iceland we rented a Subaru Forester from SADCars and drove north thru crappy weather to Akureyri. After restful night at the Backpackers we set out in the morning for Dalvik nd hopefully some decent skiing. We didn’t know exactly what to expect so armed with our gear and a bunch of maps we set off up the valley. We took the road to it’s end and found a cool camping spot and guesthouse. The woman that owned it was very nice and helped us find a great tent space. You can check them out at Gistihúsið Skeið

We geared up from there and headed up the hills. Our plan was to take it easy the first day. That would give us a chance to see what the snow pack was like. Not getting a good look up the entrance gully we stayed high wanting to avoid any obstructions. From our entrance it just seemed like the best way to go was to head up the ridge and see if the chute that we found would go thru. The mossy volcanic rock was slippery and it was steep but it’s really just a battle with gravity. At the top of ridge we geared up for skiing nd headed into the chute. The choke at the entrance was about 50 degrees and it was super firm. We knew it would get better especially on the skiers left as that had been getting lots of sun all day. So we eased our way into the line and then turned them loose. It skied just the way we thought it would and the we headed out the exit gully/gorge.

Once we got back to the guest house we set up the tent and then had some dinner with the other skiers that were staying there. The Brennevin, the local schnaps based on caraway was yummy.

After a cold night in the tent we woke up to snow and fog and high winds so we decided to just chill out and check out the coast. We soaked at the pool in Dalvik. The we drove to Siglufordur and took in the sights. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow so we can get in some more skiing on these beautiful peaks.

Enjoy the pics

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