Torreys Peak 14267′ Dead Dog Couloir 6/16/08

Transfering trip reports from TGR to my new site

Went up to Torrey’s with Dobish and Andrew to get Dead Dog Couloir. Dobish had just gotten back from sea level the day before so he was a bit tired, and unacclimated. As the day wore on he seemed like he was getting into the swing of things. You can see a group of four just entering the base of the Dead Dog Couloir. It’s a big line

Torrey's East Face

Dobish on the way Up


Topping out

Topping out

Dobish Drops in first on the East Face Direct line.


Andrew Drops in Next


East Face Direct

One pic of Me (Photp By Dobish)

My Turn

Dobish getting a little air


It was a very nice day. I’ve tried to get this one 3 times and now it’s done.

Edwards and Grays in the background

The End

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