Berthoud Pass 12/5-6/2013 – Powderlicious

With the new snow I thought it might be time to check out the Floral Park zone up at the pass. I had a feeling it would be a little thin but I also thought that the new snow would be deep enough to make it pretty decent. The reports from the areas had me a little nervous on the way up but all was made ok when I skied it the first time. It was so cold though. I only managed 5 runs the first day and had to stop due to frost nip on my neck. The second day I got in another 5 laps and had to be back in the city to pick up the kids from school. The second day was better with the wider Bomb Squads under my feet. There’s still some stuff to hit out there but we managed to compact most of the main areas. The next storm should be very fun in there 🙂

No pics as I’m still cameraless. I broke the Nikon biking in Crested Butte this summer. But I do have a gopro so I’ve been shooting some video. It’s not the best video as I really couldn’t turn them loose for fear of getting hurt on all the unseen landmines. Also need to figure out how to boost the quality a bit.

Great to meet some new people out there. Thanks for the great tour Doug and Emilie. Looking forward to many more.

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