A Few Days In the Hills on Jones and Loveland Passes 10/17,19-20/2013

So I’ve been having some fun lately in the hills and I thought I’d share the goodness.

Thursday me and Tommy headed up to Jones Pass for a couple laps. It seemed like nothing was going right getting up there. Running really late we just went right for the skiing that we hoped would be worth the hike. The first run was money and is certainly the best run of the season to date. The second lap was a bit more finicky with a pesky wind crust. Not a a bad trip though.

Saturday me and Allison met up with Nate and Gary for more Jones Pass fun. This time around the snow wasn’t as good with a funky wind crust making turns unpredictable. We got in 3 laps this time around and hit a lot of rocks. Always a pleasure to get out though. We dug a pit in very cold and windy conditions and got some mixed results. The main thing I took away from it though was that the facets are developing and there is a very dense mid layer that could pose some problems with future loading. Jones will be Jones and it will go from very fun to very dangerous rapidly with a few more feet of snow.

Sunday we had planned to do Eva or Witter above the Fall River Reservoir but when we got to Genesee we couldn’t really see the peaks due to the clouds coming over the peaks from the Fraser Valley. We quickly changed our plans to Loveland Pass. Me, Allison and Kim had a blast hiking over to Ballroom and the Ironing Board. After that lap we headed up and skied the Kitchen Wall in very thin conditions. It was fun to navigate down steep terrain but our bases weren’t very happy about it. After that we got in some road laps down the main gully.

It’s not too bad out in the hills right now


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