Apache Peak 13,441′ Apache Couloir 7/2/05

Apache Peak 13441, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado

The participants

Distance 12 miles roundtrip
Vertical Gain 3200′
Vertical Skied 2000′
Start 4:45 am
Duration 10 hours car to car

We got to Brainard Lake around 6 pm friday night and we realized it was time to get some dinner

Here the results from the lake

After afew good cuts

10 beers later and a 3 hour nap had us at the trailhead

Shoshoni with alpenglo

We set a great pace and make it to lake isabelle in an hour, 3 miles

More Alpenglo

Kind of a cool shot of the shadow riders

Cool looking Waterfall with gendarmes in the background

JP making the slog

Gearing up for the ascent up the couloir

JP in the couloir

48 degrees at the steepest point

JP at the top

There’s a great view of The North Face of North Apapahoe Peak

Sluff management, 10:30 am. There was about 6 inches of goop that we had to clean. This stuff was on top of about a foot of good consolitated snow(read frozen). We would cut it, let it slide and ski the ski the slide track. Things have definetley come together. Nice

JP Riding the top section

Mike Skiing the top section

Mike in the Lower Portion

JP in the Lower Portion


This was a really fun trip. Thank you Mike and JP for stepping up and coming with me. This to me is what it’s all about. Yeah the smack talking is fun but having aplace to hook up with partners is awesome. Friendships are born and adventures are shared. I love trg forum for this.

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