Another Weekend in Crested Butte 8/9-11/2013 – Classics and The Obtuse

We headed back down to CB for some more two-wheeled fun this weekend. It just didn’t seem right to leave it at one visit when we got rained out one of the days on our last trip. We made decent time down there Thursday night but we still got in pretty late. The drive over Cottonwood Pass was nervy due to some serious wetness and some really thick fog. We ended up sleeping in Friday till 10. That was some great sleep. We ended up riding Snodgrass to Washington Gulch to¬† 403. Monika joined us for this one. We had planned on adding 401 to this but when we got to the bottom of 403 Scofield Pass looked like it was getting hammered and there was lightning to boot.

Saturday we went back to Star Pass and Hunters Creek, only this time we rode it with Monika and Marcel. The flowers were great and the weather was better. The cows seemed to have their way with the lower portions of the Cement Creek trail but it wasn’t too bad if you went fast. My brakes were shot for the descent of Hunters. That was very intense with a poor front and rear. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden so fast in my life. Beers at the trailhead fresh from cooling in the creek were awesome. After a nice ride we went for some campsite gourmet with Grilled Peaches over Grilled Sirloin/Portabello, Zucchini Stuffed with Cous-Cous and Feta and Olathe Corn Grilled in the Husk. You don’t get to know someone until you eat with them. It’s good to know you Monika and Marcel. Looking forward to hanging out with you all again soon.

Sunday was rally day. We called Frank and let him in on the plan. He was down. When I lived in CB way back when I went for some awesome hikes. One day I started in town and headed up Kebler for a long day in the hills. I did Emmons first. Then I headed across Scarp Ridge and did Purple. From there I did Garfield and Peeler. Then I bushwhacked my way into Oh Be Joyful basin and back to town. I saw nobody that day. I wanted to share my favorite hike with Allison. So we hatched a plan to head up from town via the Lower Loop then on to Gunsight Pass and then we’d ride Scarp Ridge to Irwin and see what the weather had in store for us. Well the weather held and we got to ride in a place that not many in CB go. The juxtaposition of grassy slopes and stark cliffs with the backdrop of the Ruby Range is hard to forget. The weather seemed like it was on it’s way when we got to Irwin and being out of water we decided not to push it any further. What a spectacular 25 miler with 4900′ of vert. On the way back to town we got in a little more singletrack on the Wagon Trail. Beers and Za at the Brick never tasted better. Glad you could join us Frank. I won’t forget the tight willow singletrack for a long time. Bikeaneering!!! Cheers

Enjoy the pics ya’ll

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