La Plata Peak North Face 7/9/05

The participants

Elevation 14336
Distance 8 miles roundtrip
Vertical Gain 4400′
Vertical Skied 1600′
Start 5:15am
Duration 9 hours car to car

We were thinking about climbing the north face but the ridge seemed to make more sense what with all the boulders in the lower La Plata basin.

The first good view. This is Sayers BM North Face just SW of Laplata

A cool shot of the Northwest ridge

Our Destination the North Face comes into view

Alot of now on Snowmass maybe September

Ice Mtn Looks Good maybe 2000 vert

Shera in the top section

JP Riding

SheRa Skiing

JP riding the bottom section

The bottom of La Plata

SheRa’s moment of reflection

We had witnesses

A really cool zone

Another really great trip. The face isn’t all that steep. Maybe 45 tops. But who cares at this point in the year. We had great weather on top and by the time we got down to the trees we had a nice cooling drizzle.
Great to meet you SheRa and good seing you again JP. Let’s hook something up in August.

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