A Couple Days Biking in Crested Butte 7/26-27/2013

Summer is here for sure. The evidence of this is that I’m actually biking. After my knee started hurting on Mt Neva, I figured it was time to give the skiing a rest for a little while. Mountain biking is great for working out the kinks those ever older knees. After a few nice rides around the Front Range it seemed like a good idea to head to CB for some bigger action. We gassed up the truck and headed out of town. After fueling up the body with an amazing burger at Coney Island we made our way over Cottonwood Pass and into Gunnison County. It was so good to be back.

We camped up the Slate along Oh-Be-Joyful Road and woke up to beautiful weather. After some “campfire” coffee we headed to the trailhead and got ready. Allison ended up having her rear hub fail at the trailhead so off to the bike shop we went. After a quick swap and a rental rear tire we headed out of town for a different ride.

We ended up riding Upper to Snodgrass to Lupine to Lower. It was beautiful beyond words. The flowers and sunshine, the breezes and clouds, the sweat and dirt made for a memorable day. The riding wasn’t too hard. The singletrack had a flow that made the miles melt away. Afterward we hooked up with Frank and Brittany for some beers at the Brick Oven. Then it was back up the Slate to find another camp site and get some rest for the next days adventure.

In the AM we headed to the Paradise Cafe for some breakfast. I worked there when I lived in CB. It was the Forrest Queen back then and I was the resident egg flipper. Not much changes in CB and I’m OK with that though I have to say it was more crowded than I remember it in the mid 90s. We ate and then headed up Cement Creek to meet Frank and Brittany. From Deadmans we rode the Cement Creek Trail to Crystal Peak Trail to Star Pass to Hunters Creek and then back down Cement Creek Trail. The riding was sublime. I wish my D90 hadn’t crapped out or there would have been one thousand pictures. Such a great day and thanks guys for the tour.

Sunday, our last day got rained out so we headed back early and did some fishing along the way. Already planning the next trip back to CB. One trip there is reminder enough that many more trips are in order 🙂

Enjoy the pics

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