Hallet Peak 12,713′ Tyndal Glacier 8/20/05

August is a month normally reserved for fly fishing, climbing, mountain biking and beach going, however here in Colorado were blessed with 2 great things, snow and altitude. Though the front range didn’t receive all that much snow this year what we did get we still have, altitude is such a great thing.

Myself and MOHSHSIHd met up in Boulder around 8 am and headed north up to Rocky Mountain Nation Park. Our mission: to find snow and ski the hell out of it, Target Ptarmigan Snowfield/Flattop Mtn North Face Couloirs. We acended the east ridge of Flattop.

Nice views on the way up

And then we came to this sight.

Hallet Pk North Face and the Tyndal Glacier Couloir. So now our goal had changed. We were gonna ski this the climb back up to the ridge and then ski the ptarmigan snowfields. We reached the ridge and decided to hike down to check out the Ptarmican Snowfield. Not bad and it went through for about 600 vert.

OK we got a plan now lets do it.

We stopped for lunch and then headed for the summit. I thin Mike wants to ski this some day.

And yes class these are the Powell Ice fields Looking a little short on ice

The weather seemed great till we got to the summit. Then it started to cloud up fast. We had to change our plans. Ski Tyndal and get the hell outta here. I’d climbed Culp Bossier and knew that Tyndal Gorge was gonna suck but it’s better than electic shock therapy.


We only had one camera so here’s Mike having some fun

At the bottom we were about to enter “The Land of Boulders”
About a mile later we we came across another snowfield

The boulder at the bottom of that snowfield is about 60ft tall.

The Tyndal Gorge rocks. DragonTail to the north Hallet North Face to the south and a plethora of big boulders to play on for about 3 miles. If you go be careful it’s very easy to get cliffed out just above Emerald Lake.

Another great trip Mike thanks for coming along. Good to see you on alpine gear instead of your way too small AT boots. I’ll give you a call about future trips. Have fun with your Fucking Major

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