Mount Bethel 12,705′ Interstate Gully 2/27/06

Well TGR comes through again. Didn’t have anybody to ski with this Monday So I posted an invite. Shera answered the call and it was on. I’ve wanted to bag this route since I move to Colorado in 1992. Today was the day. It turned out to be one of the harder routes I’ve ever done. I weigh 190 and like to Ski my m103s. I like my alpine gear. I like my Trekkers. I had about 50lbs of gear and I like that alot. It keeps me in shape. However I wonder if all that weight made me sink. Well skinning up was insane. Sinking to the ground in the rotten facetted snow on m103s. Broken bail on the trekkers. I really need to get some skin wax as well. The snow was very, very firm up top and mank at the bottom with no support whatsoever. But it was fun anyway. Anytime I get to venture in to unknown terrain I have a smile on my face for days. Enjoy the photos

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