Horseshoe Mtn 13,898 Boudoir Couloir 4/13/06

Met up with Dobish from TTips at the Morrison Lot and headed up to Park County. The original plan was to do Lincoln and Bross but after having some issues trying to find the trailhead we steered the 4Runner south to Horseshoe Mountain. It was already getting warm. The Four Mile Creek Road was snowed over at 10,700 so we were in for a long walk. We ended up covering about 12 miles and 3200 vert. We skied close to 3100 vert and 5 miles from the top to the truck. The kicker of it was that despite temps overnight above freezing and sun all day we still got pow.
We had to go as fast as possible as my son was at daycare and had to be picked up by 5:30. A fun trip and nice first western coolie for Dobish. I had a great time breaking the cherry on my new set up, 07 Squad 184s with Freerides. I look forward to getting into some steeper stuff with you soon dude.

Cool old mine building

Cherry Busted on The New Stix

Another Jump for Jaime Pierre????

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