Mt Princeton 14,197′ 4/22/06

Well Spring is here again. Some things about this time of year make it my favorite. I love being able to get up high and really enjoy hypoxia. There’s something about 14ers here in Colorado especially on a weekend when there’s nobody but your partner around. Such a rare event that won’t be had in a month or so. The southern Sawatch is beginning to look thin so I’d get out there if you have any plans to do so. After our trip we checked out the North Cottonwood trailhead (Harvard & Columbia) and you can drive all the way.

I made sure to leave my beacon in the car so we could find it on the hike out

The stats:
4000+ Vert Hiking
8 Miles Roundtrip
3000 Vert Skied

Myself and Mtnbikeskierchick


Looking Thin, however to put things in perspective you are looking at 3000′ vert


Closeup of Antero NE Face

A Look at the Hike

Harvard South Face

The Ridge

Me Gaping it Up

Mtnbikeskierchick Steeziness

A fun trip, I look forward to getting out with you again girl.

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