Torreys Peak 14,267′ – Emperor Couloir – 6/13/2013 – Oh My God We’re SOOO Late :)

So after finally finishing my move to Edgewater I needed a day to rest. Kim called and told me that she was looking to ski. A plan was hatched and the target was the Emperor. I picked her up at 5:30 and we headed up the hill after a quick stop at Amantes South for some coffee and croissants. We drove to the snow bank up Stevens Gulch road and started hiking. After reaching the actual trailhead we got on the trail and made decent time up the mountain. Near the base of Grays North Slope we ran into a few skier. I asked where he was going and was told “you’re late.” “Not for north facing” was my reply. He told me of the all the rock fall and told me to be careful and be safe. There was a level of attitude in this conversation that really rubbed me the wrong way. Skiers share their lines with each other. Great you think it’s too late what did you see and where were you that made you think this. Where did you see the rock fall. Nothing you said helped me at all. I saw no evidence on the way up and across Grays North Face to support your notion that we were in any way late. The sun was blocked by haze to the east, there was a light breeze on the aspect we planned to ski and most importantly the snow was staying cool and wasn’t melting rapidly. There wasn’t any water build up and squeezing water out of the snow was impossible. Were you listening to the mountain or your preconceived notion of when to turn around? Well I’m glad we didn’t listen to you dude. Rant over but please people drop the attitude in the mountains. If you’re wrong you look like a jackass.

We switched over to ski boots at the top after snapping some pics. I’ve been growing out my hair lately and tried a new dye. Hope you like it. We headed down the ridge and dropped into the Emperor proper. The steep entrance was nice, then there was a short rocky section of about 30′ to ski walk. Once back on snow we headed over to the skiers left gully just down the ridge. We yo-yoed perfect corn snow down steep snow and skied 3200′ of vertical to just above the creek. It had been way too long since our last outing Kim. Once back at the road we walked out in shoes and chatted about life and skiing.

Thanks for a great day Kim. Looking forward to the next time we can get some. Enjoy the pics

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