Missouri Mtn 14067′ North Face 6/15/06

Well after 3 weeks of a very sore knee and some great quality time with my family I decided to get back into the hills. I called up Dobish, just back in town after his whirlwind tour of the east coast, and suggested we go hit Missouri. Thanks Brittney for the handy recon photo on your Elbert report. We met up in Denver the night before and fueled up on Doritos with a mushroom demi-glace served with pan seared twinkies and oven roasted mars bars, much to the delight of my 2 year old. I dusted off a fine bottle of 2001 Coke to wash it down with. A spectacular meal.

We drove into the night with our stom”aches” full and our sights to the hills. We got to C470 and I realized that I spaced my trail shoes so I decided that I was just going to hike it in my Tevas. We then drove past the trailhead not once but twice not sure which book I made the mistake of listening to We finally found it and set up the gear for the morning. 4am comes so fast. Cell phone alarm didn’t go off so we were lucky that I don’t sleep well. We ended up hitting the trail at 5:10

My pirate friend that I like to go skiing with

4400 vert and 4.5 miles later we got to the summit. Not a bad little hike though the knee was barking for sure. We went right up the north face chute that we ended up skiing. Not too steep about 40-45. The snow was money with great consolidation and a sweet layer of corn. Not a bad day at all.

I think this one came out pretty good

Our line is dead center

My narcoleptic pirate friend on the summit of Misourri

Huron looking thin

OK time for some turns

Things got interesting on the exit however. My knee is toast. I would compare the pain to that of the spiral tib fib fracture I had back in ’96. Shera your not the only one to hear me curse like a NYC cabbie in the mountains. Anyway this will most likely do it for me until, well, maybe, ummm ….

Note the stylish use of high sox and tevas

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