May 15 2013

Mt Lincoln 14,286′ Russian Couloir 5/14/2013 – Finally

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So with all the snow that we’ve been getting, this spring has posed some problems with getting up high. It’s all about the weather windows in my opinion, and the weather windows have been a little hard to come by. I have an aversion to getting up high and then being caught in clouds, I guess I’ve just dealt with too much electricity in my time. Fresh back from sea level after a Mother’s Day visit to Boston I met up with Gary and Ben for another trip up Lincoln. Gary did Bross on Friday and saw that the Russian Couloir was actually in. Gotta get it while we can. I’ve been trying to get this line done for years. I think I’ve been up Lincoln 10 times already. Every time I go I find the middle of the Russian melted out. I suspect that there are thermal vents or something in the middle of the chute. It was really nice to have recent beta that the line was actually in.

So we headed to the Moose Creek corner and parked the truck. It’s longer but the piece of mind is so worth it. It’s hard to enjoy the day when you’re worried about your vehicle getting towed over at the Quartzville trailhead. The temps overnight weren’t that low but the skies were clear and it seemed like there was enough of a freeze to be safe so we pushed upward. We made decent time to the summit and I was so stoked to the line was actually in. After some setting up we were ready and had such a great ski.

The snow is still skiing like wet pow and will be a lot better in about a week but everything stayed put and it was great skiing one of the Mosquito’s finest lines. Always a pleasure Gary and it was good to get out with you Ben. Enjoy the pics.

How I felt on the drive upThe view of Mt Lincoln from Mt Bross a few days beforeHeading up from Moose CreekSilverheelsGetting thereGoing to check out the lineBen making his way up the ridgePretty sure this is the steepest skinning ever ;)Looking into the Russian CouloirIt's actually in :)Silverheels North Face"Drift Peak" is looking fatWest Slopes of Red MountainGoofballsSummit ski by The Fondler321DroppingBen's TurnMaking it look easyBen Lower down the lineWait a picture of meGary in the chokeThe apron was goodBen coning out of the chokeSucha fun dayAnd that what it's all aboutThanks guysFrench East Face

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