Wetterhorn Peak 14,015′ East Face Solo 5/3/2013

Well I over slept my alarm the day before and woke up when my truck got really warm. I was on La Sal Pass trying to get Tuk done but when I was driving out I noticed it didn’t have enough snow for a ski. So I guess it all worked out OK in the end. I headed to Telluride to try and get some business done and then drove down to Lizard Head Pass. My original thinking was to ski Mt Wilson but once I got down there the looks of things kind of took the wind out of my sails. There was so much dirty snow and I was looking at a really long walk in shoes. Mt Wilson will have to wait for another year. I decided to head up to Lake City and see if I could get up to the Matterhorn Creek Trailhead and give Wetterhorn a go.

I was able to drive to the lower trailhead and I camped there. I got a start bright and early at 7:15. I made decent time up into the basin and headed for the right side to ascend what looked like the purest snow. It got really steep near the top, I’d say about 55 degrees. It also started getting hollow. Not the best feeling on something so steep. My designs for a summit were dashed. I’ve already been up there a few times so I wasn’t all that worried about it. I headed over to the corner where the gully to the top is and changed over fast. I ended up skiing the viewers left line ast that had seen more traffic and I was hoping would be less hollow. I was right and got some really sweet corn turns. The ski out was great and I ended up getting in 3000′ of vert, well almost my altimeter said 2970′. Such a fun trip in the hills. Total vert for the day was 3700′

I’ve really needed some quality time with the mountains lately. Looking forward to getting some more in over the next few days

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