Mt Nebo 11,929′ Northwest Couloir Solo 5/1/2013

So with the impending storm I had a decision to make. Ski more powder or do a little road trip and ski some peaks. I’ve been jonesing for some big days lately and have really been wanting to get up high. This is the start of 8 free days before I head to Boston for a little while. Looking at the weather it seemed like the southern Wasatch was going to get missed by the storm so I packed up the truck and headed west. Mt Nebo is the highest peak in the Wasatch and towers about 7000′  vertical above the valley floor. I took the lazy way and went up the Pole Creek Jeep Road as high as I could before being blocked by snow.

This being a northwest line I decided to take my time starting out. I left the truck at 7:30 and ended up booting the whole way. Glad I had that topo software on my phone as the gps feature really helped in finding the way through the dense timber above the road. Once in Pole Creek Basin I was able to find the way easily enough. Utah has big mountains and it was thrown off by the scale of things. Once in the chute I was watching the approaching weather and where I was heading. Near the top things got very steep. It took some time exiting the couloir over the cornice. When I looked up the weather was on me. Thinking that there would be electricity I decided to bail on the summit , 200′ vert short but I got my line at least. I also felt that with no easy way off the peak the best option was to not leave my line and exit.

With the storm clouds came a rapid drop in temps and the snow got very firm quickly. It was intense skiing the upper section in such firm conditions. But hey you have to be able to ski anything right? About half way down the couloir the weather cleared for a little while. Ten minutes later it was nuking snow. The skiing wasn’t great but to me this was a great day. 5000’+ of vertical and challenging skiing all alone. These days narrow the focus.  Enjoy the pics

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