Twin Tips Tail Modification

On my last trip, up Culebra, I ran into some serious issues with my skins. They kept coming off which is a real pain in the neck when your in the heavy wet isothermal snow you often face on the way out after a day of skiing. So much energy is expended just trying to put them back on. The issue seemed to be that the clips were sliding to either side since the skin glue wasn’t sticking because the skins had gotten so wet.

So I figured that if I notched the tail the skin’s clips wouldn’t slide off. I’d be able to crank it down and go even with the skins wet from the storm or a warming day.


Affix Skins and Mark


Make Sure to ClampClose Up

Seal With Epoxy


I’m pretty sure this voids the warranty, but whatever. What happened on the last trip can NEVER happen again.


  1. I looked at that and thought the notch would work better with the skin length that I had available. With a longer ski Dawsons approach would work well, I’m sure

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