TopoMaps iPhone App Review

This is a great app to take with you on your trips in the backcountry. I always bring my iPhone with me as a safety precaution. Since I already have my phone apps such as this come along too. There are certain benefits to this app that rule over paper maps. Paper maps also come with me on my trips as batteries do fail and being in the backcountry without a map is truly a bad idea.

You can find this app and screenshots of it’s features in action at

One of the great features of this map is the integration of the gps feature into the topo map. You can get an instant position of where you are in relation to your surroundings. This is a great feature for not only route finding but for triangulation practice as you can check your results with the gps feature.

Some planning is needed for using this app however. You will need to load your maps prior to your trip to the backcountry. You’ll need a decent 3G or wifi connection to load the full resolution maps. They take a little while to load. but these fully scalable maps are great.

Some of the other features I like are the mileage circles and the waypoint placements. You can also get coordinates of locations for say trailhead info. You can also look at multiple maps together without breaks in the mapping info.

I haven’t even begun to dig deeply into this app and keep finding new interesting features to make trips that much more fun. This app is highly recommended 🙂


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