“Chasing Ice” Movie Review



I went to a showing of this film at the Boulder Theater a few months ago and have to say that I walked away stunned by what was achieved in this film. The visuals were astounding. James Balog’s images show such an intimate appreciation for the landscapes around him. It was really cool to get a glimpse of the artist at work as well. How art is created is often as interesting as the art itself. Seeing Mr. Balog on belay in the icy surf working the light and angles was inspiring. Seeing the result on a big screen was breathtaking. It was also interesting to witness his disintegration as the time lapsed. The pursuit of the perfect image has it’s price.

Dreams are only dreams if you have no plan to make them happen. James Balog had a dream, an idea really that spawned from his visits to all those stark frigid places. He notice that the glaciers were receding at a very rapid rate. Many would have just noted this and moved on to other projects. What he did was truly inspirational. He created The Extreme Ice Survey and documented this recession. He put it on film and proved what we all know deep down. To actually see massive city sized glaciers calving is truly amazing. To see the ice retreat further in 10 years than the previous 100 years leaves one dumbstruck. The time-lapse photos the group put together really illustrate the gravity of the situation of what’s gong on with our planet. Everyone has a stake in this.

Three quarters of the way through the movie I was filled with a sense of despair over what I was seeing. How could we possibly overcome such a massive catastrophe. This is when the movie and the subsequent Q&A with Mr. Balog helped me the most. The same positive attitude that created E.I.S instilled hope that we could figure a way out of this situation that we humans have created.

See this movie and get involved. Check out their website and contact your state and federal representatives. It’s in all our interests to return our planet to a healthy state.

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