Fruita Mountain Biking – West Rim and Mary’s Loop Rides – 3/27-28/2013

With the onset of big mountain season almost here but lurking instabilities still the norm in the Front Range and Summit County it seemed like a good idea to go ride Bikes in Fruita. I’ve never ridden there but Allison is a regular in those parts so she set up a group of friends to ride with.It was cool to meet so many of your friends and have some fun with them on the trails.

We headed over there Friday night and got in some fun car camping. When we woke up we headed to West Rim. It reminded me a bit of White Rim in Canyonlands only less crowded and a lot shorter 😉 With this being our first ride of the year we called it after a fun lollipop and headed to the store for grilling supplies, ie. steak.

In the morning we headed over to Loma trailhead and got in a quick lap on Rustlers. We then headed back to the trailhead and grabbed some more friends for riding. I think we hit Mary’s, Horsethief, Steve’s, Lions and Mack Ridge. All were super fun except Mack Ridge’s ascent which had too much hike a bike and not enough flow. The exposure up on Mack Ridge was invigorating.

It was great to meet you all. I had a ton of fun and am looking forward to getting in more riding this year.

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