“Eccles Peak” 12,313′ South Slopes – Gore Range Fun – 3/13/2013

Me and Gary got out for a post birthday tour up into the Gore Range. With so much snow moving around up high it seems like a good time to ski lower-angled terrain if you want to venture for peaks. Such a beautiful zone we visited. The snow was really fun and smooth. Always a pleasure my friend

Gary checking out the view
Bomb Squads on top
A line I’d like to go back for
Gary skis creamy snow with “Deming Peak” in the background
You gotta listen to what the mountains tell you


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  1. Great pics. I went up there via meadow creek in Jan, and skied the S saddle (low point) of the cirque. All of the 50+ degree slopes had run w/ in 24 hrs of new snow. Slides were small, but the lines are tight.

    Traversing that ridge from north to south looks dicey. I think the only way you’d gain the higher portions of that ridge would be to kick it up one of those E facing chutes . Let me know if you have thoughts on routs, or decide to revisit the area.

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