Saint Bernard Hospice 3/7/2013 A Day with the Ladies

With the weather and the Foehn winds hanging around we decided to get some history. So Stina called Kate and Mary Louise and we hatched a plan to go check out where the puppies come from. It’s 2000′ of vertical gain and 3 miles one way. With a history dating back to 1000AD the Hospice was a step back in time. Though the building has been modernized it still reeks of history. Great stained glass windows, art and a surprisingly modern chapel downstairs are great. Being an agnostic I usually have a tough time with church and churches. This place seemed totally different, it seemed authentic. Speaking with one of the priests was really cool. He could even keep up on the skin track. The ski out wasn’t anything special, but that wasn’t really the point.

Unfortunately the puppies are gone. The St Bernards, the dogs that the monks bred so long ago are gone. They are raised in Martigny and only make visits in the summer.

Lunch at the Hospice was a highlight of this trip for me. Having a skin and lunch with new and old friends was great. Taking a day to visit the history of this great zone was priceless.

I feel like this trip to Europe was a true success. We got to ski some great lines in great weather. We visited 4 countries and had a great time with friends everywhere. Some were new and some were old. The mountains are amazing but it’s the touch of it’s people that will keep me coming back year after year. Genuine is really the only description that fits. Thank you to everyone for making this such an awesome trip. Thanks especially to Stina and Joe for your kind hospitality, friendship and local knowledge.

Already planning the next trips 😉

Heading up.
Made it
Italy is about 50′ behind us
Built to last
I took the light gear
This symbol was in more than a few places around the Hospice
Stained Glass is cool
Details you don’t really see in America
More cool statues
Mmmm really good soup from the Hospice with cheese from Gresonney, Mortadella from Aoste and the local Alpes cheese. AND CHOCOLATE AND BEER 🙂
Our castle 😉
Easy skiing
Gear bomb in the back of our Focus
Dinner of Trout with grilled Fennel and Poached Pears with Arugula and Roasted Potatoes 🙂




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