Courmayeur 3/6/3013 A day in the clouds

After skiing in La Grave we headed down the valley towards Grenoble. The sights in the valley were very cool. The main highlight other than the massive mountains was an awesome 100 meter water fall to the north of the road. We headed to Albertville for some dinner then made our way to Argentiere for the night. In the morning we found no freeze and a spike in wind and avy danger. Visibility would have also been an issue, but the cloud deck was high enough that it wouldn’t have been fog skiing. We toyed with the idea of a short tour of Pointe Ronde off Col du Forclaz but when we got to the zone we saw some massive naturals on similar aspects. One crown we estimated at about 20’. Well rested we made for Italy the next morning.

We headed up to St Bernard tunnel and over into Italy to meet up with a childhood friend in Courmayeur for a day of skiing. The weather wasn’t the best with intermittent clouds, fog and poor viz. But hey one can’t complain too much. We were after all in Italy. We met up and headed into the pea soup. Surprisingly we got some decent viz at the top. So we pushed it and headed even higher. After a little though we decided to drop into the backside of Youla and ski some couloirs. The snow was pretty decent. About halfway down the first line the fog came in. Not know what was below us we took it really slow. Everything worked out well and we went back for more.

The second round was even foggier with viz down to about 10 meters. Once it cleared we skied the rest of the line fast and made for lunch. I had the ibex stew with polenta. This was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. It blows me away how big the lines are in Europe. The vertical just seems to go on and on.

It was great seeing you John and Allison. It had been way too long. See ya next year or something 😉


Lady’s day at Courmayeur. Sweet heels 😉
A couple of Allisons
Good to ski old friends
Fun terrain
The viz left a little to be desired
The cloud deck is A LOT further down than it looks
The other Allison having some fun
Sweet turns
John racer steeze
The snow was pretty decent
A.S. had the shot of the day looking over towards Mont Blanc
Allison Hilldreth gets some goodness
John finds some soft goodness
John heading for the cloud deck
The viz got really good
The lower couloir was sweet
This line was seeing a lot of traffic
A look back at the line 🙂
This thing looked fun
Having a beer with John. Great to see you old friend
Ibex Stew with Cheesy Polenta for lunch. Awesome food the whole trip 🙂

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  1. My introduction to your site was your entry about the Hourglass on Charleston Peak on the Spring Mountains. I live in Vegas and loved that trip report. Now I see you are living the dream, skiing in France. Tear it up and keep the trip reports coming.

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