Lagginjoch 3499m Hero Snow 3/1/2013

We set out early for Saas Grund with some options. The Hohsaas Lift offers high access to the peaks east of Saas Grund. Weissmies and Fletchorn offer good options for skiing but we weren’t sure how the snow over in this zone was. It’s about an hour and a half from Verbier. On arrival the snow pack was noticeably thinner. The avalanche danger had also gone up a notch. There didn’t appear to be any visible skin tracks to Fletchorn or Weissmies. The route up Weissmies crosses heavily crevassed terrain. The line on Fletchorn went up a fairly steep slope. We noticed recent natural activity on similarly angled aspects. We needed a change of plan. Lagginjoch seemed like a good option.

So up we went, breaking trail all the way. There was a little crust and about a foot of “new” snow. This was a very different zone than the area around Verbier. The scenery was stunning with amazing views of the east sides of Dom, Lensptize, Nadelhorn, Alphubel and Allalinhorn. The cirque that Lagginjoch is the col of was stunning too. Topping out you have to watch your step. The east side of Lagginjoch offers a 2000’ish plummet.

The ski was sublime. The crust had vanished and the pow was super fun. The angle wasn’t gnar but the place we were in was spectacular. Quality turns.

Enjoy the pics

Lagginjoch is the col at the center
Ally takes a turn breaking trail
Looking into the snow pack. Bonding wasn’t the best but it wasn’t Colorado 😉
North Shoulder of Weissmies in the background
A whole lot of 4000 meter peaks on the horizon
Alphubel 🙂
Lenspitze and Nadelhorn
Dom and a little bit of Lenspitze
Panorama from Lagginjoch. It’s hard to really grasp how big the mountains here are.
The snow was pretty awesome
2000′ of vertical yumminess
Such a fun day
Hey let’s go to the hot springs in Leukerbad


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