Mont Rogneux Face Nord 3053m 2/27/2013 Awesomeness in Gnarnia

So this day we got a line I’ve coveted since my last visit. I spent far too much time in the bar on my last visit. It was productive time as I got about 60 pages written for my book, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating last time. This visit we seem to have the weather on our side. This was at the top of the hitlist. Such an amazing line. For Colorado people it’s a little tough to get a sense of just how big the peaks here are. From the town of Le Chable this peak is just short of 9000′ of vertical. We took the lift system of Bruson up to the alpine and saved 3000 vertical. We still ended up skinning and booting 3600′ of vert to summit out. Our descent was about 7600′. That’s more vert than almost any mountain in all of Colorado.

The snow off the summit was a bit rough as there was a rando race up the peak a few days before. We still managed to find some freshies though. The we wrapped around to the North Face proper. The next 3000′ of vert was some of the best I’ve ever skied. Awesome snow, mid shin to knee deep in places. The spines were off the hook and we got a little greedy. We ended up too low and entered Gnarnia. Traversing out on 50 degree slopes in knee deep snow over 90′ cliffs and an early season ice climbing area. A guide friend of ours saw what we skied and just said “DAMN”. The coolest part of the section was the route-finding. Trying to piece it together and be safe, in terrain that I wouldn’t touch EVER in Colorado in winter.

We found a good line and got it done. Then we traversed around the mountain and back to the actual town of Bruson. Bruised but not beaten we headed back to our friend Stina’s and had an awesome dinner party. Days like this are what it’s all about. I will look back on this day fondly for years to come.

Enjoy the pics, they were hard earned.

Mont Rogneux the night before from Le Chable. Sweet anticipation 🙂
Switching to skins for the 4.5 mile ascent
Me and Stina checking out the route option on the North Face of Rogneux
Allison booting up the last summit pitch
Finally at the top. 

Looking towards Chamonix and Mont Blanc
Aiguille d’Argentiere’ Barbey Couloir and Aiguille du Chardonnet
Dents du Midi. A possible next line 😉
A panorama featuring Petit Combin at the center
A panorama looking to the north from the summit
Dropping in
Looking back up at Allison
Finding some fresh
Really good snow
Some of the best skiing I’ve ever had
The snow was so creamy luscious
Right below here we got on a spine that had the money
Looking back at the face
Things are about to get interesting
Traversing over some serious exposure
Below Gnarnia
This is about 5000′ of vertical. Blue line is our ski route.
Fin du journee en Bruson.