Beaver Creek Backcountry 2/7/2013

With Beaver Creek reporting 8″ overnight it seemed like a trip to Avon was needed. I called Gary and headed up to Frisco. Darrell, Nate and Garrett were already there. So out the gates we went in search of soft goodness. We found some good stuff and some not so good stuff yesterday. There were a lot of rocks hit and a bit of base damage. The lower pack just isn’t consolidated at all right now. 8″ of new on 2′ of facets to the ground was the story of the day on slopes that hadn’t seen compaction.

Darrell was getting ready for the Taos comp so he was in sending mode. I was in getting ready for Europe mode so chasing those guys around was just what I needed. Skied the Maestrale RS with the Bomb Squad and Markers all day. It’s surprising how well such a light boot skis such a big ski. Thinking this is gonna be the setup for ski area days over there. Then run the Yetis for those days when we’re touring over 4000′ of vertical.

Enjoy the pics.

Darrell making it look better than it was
I like this one alot
Nate missing most of the rocks
Garrett finds a soft section
Gary making it look easy
Taking off
Sticking it
Sweet line D Money
Well played sir



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