Jackson, Wy 1/20-22/2013 – Taylor Mountain East Face – “25 Short” – Mount Glory Glory Bowl

With the lack of a winter again it seems that road trips are becoming the norm this year. Jackson, Wy has been doing well this year and with backcountry avy danger at low on all elevations and aspects we figured a trip to the state next door would be in order. We made it to Pinedale the first night and crashed at a hotel. We woke up early and headed up to the Coal Creek trailhead to go for a line I’ve wanted since last March when I climbed Mt Glory. We met up with Anthony and Rebecca and headed up a very slippery Southeast Ridge. Gotta bring the ski crampons next time. After tagging the summit we dropped into the northeast side of the summit rib on the East Face. The snow was very unusual. Once we got past the second cliff zone it got really good. Great to get this one done Ally considering that we’ve been talking about it since day one.

The next day we had breakfast and headed over to the Taggart traihead. We followed the trail up 25 Short. This peak is “named” for the fact that it’s 25′ short of 10,000′ tall. This peak in the Grand Teton National Park sits in good position for some spectacular views of the Grand Teton, South Teton and Buck Mountain. There’s so much terrain back there. A lifetime of lines for those with the legs and lungs to pursue them. The snow at the top wasn’t all that great but about half way down things got really good. There was about 16″ of recycled pow and not many tracks on it from the midway point. It was really good.

The last day we went back to Teton Pass and headed up the ridge to the top of Mt Glory. We made really good time. Stoked on your progress Allison. We looked at Chickenscratch but thought the conditions might be a little stark. So we just skied Glory Bowl. The skier’s left side was firm. The skiers right side was mostly soft. Stoked to have gotten a couple of your list lines done girl. Happy Birthday 🙂

With the skiing done we headed back towards home. We took the long way over through GTNP and on to Togwotee Pass. Funny I knocked a line off my list but added 3 more on the drive home. Thanks for a great trip Allison. Looking forward to Europe.

Enjoy the pics

Rebecca and Anthony
Pretty stuff in the creek
Slippery skin tracks that go straight the fuck up
Hey ladies you come here often?
Mmmmm East Face
Looking down Taylor Mountain’s East Face
Allison having some fun
Fun line
Rebecca fins some soft snow
Happy turns
Can’t figure out what Anthony rides
We’ve been wanting this line since our first conversation
So good to get it done
Rebecca finds another soft spot
It’s very strange to me to ski lines like this in winter
Allison at the end of the East Face.
Driving to the 25 Short trailhead
25 Short is the forested ridge in the foreground
No action pics from 25 Short. Buck and Wister Mtns
South Teton and Cloudvieil
Grand Teton poking through the trees
A look at Taylor’s East Face from Mt Glory
Little Tuckerman’s
Allison on some variable snow
Dropping the knee
This local seems irritated
Mt Moran is still on the list but I’m coming back in spring to try and get it done
Such a beautiful place
One more for the list
A sweet line on Pinnacle Buttes
Goodbye Wyoming until we meet again. I will think of you often 🙂




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