Dry Gulch UN12,671 Exploring and Mt Trelease 1/16/2013

Better late than never on this one. Got out with Gary, Darrell and Brandon for a little exploring up Dry Gulch. We headed up to the south bowl of Unnamed 12,671. This is the point between Citadel and Mt Bethel. Conditions in the bowl weren’t very good with recent evidence of slides in the bowl and along the way getting there. We skied some fun low angled terrain but the snow wasn’t very good. Mostly a mix of crusts and wind slabs.

Afterward Me, Gary and Darrell headed up Trelease for a quick lap and some decent snow. First day out on my new Scarpa Maestrale RS boots. I think I need to get them molded before I start forming an opinion.

Enjoy the pics.

Unnamed 12,671 South Bowl
Gary and Darrell getting a little higher
Gary dealing with rough snow
Darrell finds some windbuff
The faster you ski thru it the sooner you’re done
Crusty the Mountain
Brandon having some fun
Gary takes a different line
Fun in the sun
The second line was worth the walk
I think Gary would agree


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