Ski Logik Bombsquad 183

Ski Logik Bombsquad 183 Review

At the end of last season I got a pair of these skis. I mounted them .5cm back of boot center with Marker Tour bindings. I don’t really jump off a lot of stuff anymore so the Tour binding seemed like the way to go. I skied them a few days in Jackson, Baker and Breckenridge. At first I was pretty disappointed with their performance. They were great going in a straightline but not the snappy fun and playful ski that I’d heard so much about. So after talking with a few SkiLogik athletes I decided to move the bindings forward to .75cm in front of boot center. That’s when the fun started.

This is a big ski and I’ve really only skied it with alpine boots. I currently have a pair of Rossignol B-Squad 130 boots that seem to be a perfect fit with these skis. They are stiff enough to drive the ski through the turn and also have enough feel to butter the exits and smear. At 122mm under foot this ski is a surprise on the groomers. It’s big and damp and the 22m sidecut loves to throw down an arc. I loved the early season groomers this year and probably got going way too fast on more than a few occasions. There is really great edge hold when you get the ski tracking. If you’re skidding through the turns the edge hold isn’t as good. This isn’t really where you want to ski this ski though. This ski is for powder!!!

Once the season finally got going this year and the rocks were basically covered I started reaching for the Bomb Squad. They performed really well down in Wolf Creek in the 42” over 48 hours. The float is awesome but more importantly they can turn on a moment’s notice if you want them to. They have enough beef to also handle the crud and track very well too. I have yet to get them going really fast in pow but assume they will be up for the task. This ski really likes the Super Mario zones. I found myself wanting to jump off stuff like I was a little kid again. The impact was just spread out over such a large area that it didn’t even feel like I was landing sometimes.

The only real drawback I see in this ski is its weight. Many in the ski world are trying to rid skiing of the term sidecountry. They feel that the term misrepresents the seriousness of where the user is going. Well I see this description as a geographic one only. This ski is made for sidecountry. Taking these boards out for a long tour would be very painful. Taking them beyond the boundaries of your local hill would be awesome. They absolutely shine in untracked pow. They handle the crud really well and they have the torsional stability to get into the gnar. So get yourself a pair and enjoy them on some nice reasonable tours or take them out-back and have some fun.

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