Mount Greylock 3491′ Thunderbolt Trail 1/2/2013 A CCC Classic

Spending New Years in NYC is always fun. My folks just cant seem to get enough of my kids. As some of you know I can’t get enough skiing. While I was in Utah I heard about a decent sized storm heading for the East Coast. I kept an eye on things. My friend Kelly shot me a message about getting out and I suggested Greylock. She’d never gone BC Skiing but used to race in college. So the plan was hatched.

In classic New England form it was wicked fucking cold. That bone chilling cold that you only find in the Northeast. It was 5 degrees at the start with 20-40mph winds. Luckily the route is mainly treed and the winds were above us in the tree tops. This old trail had been cut back in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. A true classic, this line has been on my list for years. With the timing of new snow I could finally get it done. It’s not steep but it is a twisting New England classic. The views from the top of the 2700′ vertical line were great. I love the pastoral hills of Massachusetts.

Way to get after it Kelly. You just kept your head down and kept pluggin away. I hope you liked the pura vida of the backcountry experience.

Enjoy the pics

“Wait you mean we have to go all the way up there?”
I feel so smart when I find the trailhead 🙂
“Are you sure this is really a good idea?”
Old school skiing
“This is better than stairmaster!!!!”
Fresh snow up high on the mountain 🙂
The views open up. Looking north to North Adams and Vermont.
Almost there
I thought this was a cool tree
On the last pitch before the summit.
The skiing was really good
Super soft snow near the trees. It was light like Colorado snow 🙂
Kelly ripping the steeps
East Coast racer steeze
The trees were awesome. Taking me back in time
“Wait you mean we were all the way up there!!” Said with total satisfaction
The smile of a new backcountry skier
Adams, Ma New England stylie. It was a wicked pissah!!!


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