4 Days in Utah – Alta and Flagstaff Mountain 12/26-29/2012 – Powder Bliss

So after picking up Allison from the airport we headed to Boulder and packed up her Element with all the goodies for an adventure in the hills. Then I got a call from Mountain Outfitters and realized that I needed to drop off an order of books before heading out of town. We had planned to ski Cameron Pass and then head to Jackson. Plans change when there’s money to be made. So we headed up I70 and settled on Trelease for some afternoon turns. We made a few laps in some fun snow on Trelease then headed to Breck for business and some beef. With the late hour and some quick research we decided that Alta was the destination. They were forecasting 15″ and the drive is a little shorter from Summit County. So with our bellies full, away we went. The driving was intense. It snowed most of the way and when we got to Provo we watched the car in front of us spin a 1080 at about 55 mph. Scared and very tired we made it to Sandy at 4:20.

After fueling up at the Black Bear Cafe we headed up to Alta and damn was it good. There was about 20″ to play in. We did laps all day and got free refills storm skiing. Afterward we headed to downtown and did a food and whiskey tour.

The next day was a lot more of the same. Awesome snow and more free refills as it stormed throughout the morning. At about 1pm the clouds started to break and we got a good look over at Flagstaff. We skied until 2:30 then headed to the car and geared up for an afternoon skin. The pow over on Flag was so worth it. The light was so beautiful.  The hot tub was so needed after such a fun day. We crashed by 10pm.

In the morning we decided to head back up Flagstaff and see what else we could find. We got more of the same. We found this sweet gully that hadn’t been touched by the hordes and had our way with it. Afterward we headed south to Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe. Such a cool place to just chill and savor the memories of deep powder.

When’s the next trip chica?

Deep snow
Cherry Poppin’ Yetis
Pretty evening light on Trelease
Just can’t seem to get enough winter
Alta is a really fun place
Whenever I hang out with you there seems to be powder
And you rip it to shreds 🙂
Even the bears ski powder in Utah. Who knew
The view from our digs in SLC
Such amazing light in these amazing mountains
Allison on the uphill


Day 2 on Flagstaff
Some great terrain around there
Headed down the ridge in the background to a steep gully
Such awesome snow
The new Yetis handled the deepness really well
Sweet tele turns in the deepness
Awesome snow
The pain of the up is so worth it for this
Sweet line
Mount Nebo looks pretty fun. Have to come back for that one 🙂
After all that skiing, it’s time for hot springs. Sweet pic Allison


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