Mount Eva East Slopes 11/16/2012 – Lincoln Falls Ice Climbing 11/17/2012

Got out for another peak on Friday. The snow has been sparse this season so far but I thought stretching the legs would be a good idea. I also needed to demo some new boots. I’m really interested in the Scarpa Maestrale RSso I thought I’d take them out for a few days and see what they were all about. I was a able to get the truck all the way up to Fall River Reservoir and started from there. I knew the snow wasn’t going to be good but decided to go ahead and just hike in the boots. The walk mode was awesome. It was amazing how much articulation the boots had. They are about a pound lighter per foot than the Titans.

The snowpack was a bit sketchy. I dug a bunch of hand pits and found a 6″ soft slab on a 1′ hardslab on top of facets to the ground. It seemed wise to keep things mellow. Trips like this, early in the season seem to be more about training and fitness. It was really nice out and the views from the top were great.

Saturday I met up with Joe and Tyler for some ice climbing at Lincoln Falls. I went once back in highschool but am a total newb at this sport. What a fun time though. I think I want to get into it. I need to get some time in the gym though as my arms got fried really quickly. Stay tuned as I progress my skills. It was really cool watching Joe and Tyler show me how it’s done. You guys rock.

Enjoy the pics

Witter Peak
East Ridge of Eva from the south
Eva’s summit is at the right
Scarpa Maestrale RS
Not much snow out there
Cool building and tower near the summit.
Summit shot with Parry in the background
Eva’s got some terrain but I wasn’t going near any of it this day.
Some shots of Berthoud’s west side
Mt Russel
No Name and the 80s and 90s
Postage Stamp and vicinity
Joe leads the first route
Always fun hanging out with Joe
Such a cool sport
I really want to get good at this
Good to see you again Tyler
Fun fun fun
A mixed line
This was so cool
Yeah really cool
Watching Joe was very inspiring.
Well done Tyler!
I didn’t get this far up.
Looking forward to getting back to this again. Thanks for showing me the ropes guys 🙂




  1. Btw, after Tyler took off Saturday, I walked up to some Ice below Quandary’s SW slopes, maybe a mile and 1000 vert up there, and found some cool ice lines in the W I 3 range. We should go climb a bunch of it soon. Good learning ground, no people.

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