Parry Peak 13,391′ South Gully 11/1/2012 – Jones Pass 11/2/2012

Got out for a nice solo tour in the James Peak zone. The search for early season turns continues. This was a fun little tour and it needed to be as I got a super early alpine start at the crack of noon. Made pretty good time in shoes to the summit and found a surprisingly long descent. I ended up dropping in to the saddle gully between Parry and Bancroft. I skied 1800′ of vert with a short little walk for 50′ of vert. The conditions were very firm and it was a little unnerving to ski 40 degree slopes that were that firm, one of those days where a whippet would have added some comfort. I needed a little alone time to organize my mind. It felt very strange how my perspective of time had changed.

The next day I got out with a cool new friend Malin. This Swedish firecracker is new to the backcountry but has the energy to make any trip fun. We did a short get to know each other tour up Jones Pass. We found some decently soft turns in the pass bowl. I’m looking forward to more days in the hills with you chica. It’s gonna be fun sharing some knowledge with you. Too bad about your friend’s injured shoulder. See ya next time.

Enjoy the pics.

A little waterfall on the way up.
Parry looking bleak but this isn’t about the deep. It’s more about training at this point.
Sweet lines off of Eva’s East Ridge. Might need come back and hit these in spring.
There’s some snow on Flora
Citadel is starting to fill in.
Longs Peak is reminding me of plans for spring.
I think these are the Never Summers.
Looking down the line on Parry
Some goofy dude that likes to ski alone in the mountains.
Skied all the way to here from the ridge 🙂
A little love for the Friends of CAIC
Left, right, left march, left, right, left march, left, right, left march. No laughing, focus no fun, this is backcountry skiing dammit 😉
We totally should have roped up here.
You gotta get some boots with Vibram. The slippy factor just makes it more hardcore.
Work it girl.
Gotta watch out for the rocks.
All skis are rock skis though 🙂
Weird someone took a picture of me
Longs is such a pretty mountain.


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