“Anderson Peak” 13,631′ 6/8/2012 – Anderson Lake Couloir

After my day on Conundrum I headed up Lincoln Creek Road to recon a line I spotted on Twining. It looked in but there was a catch. I then hit the bars in Aspen pretty hard. Rob met me at Aspen Brewing and many beers were drunk. We had a good meal and then partied some more. Getting to bed around 1am the pain really wasn’t felt when the alarm went off at 4:30. We headed up to Lincoln Portal and met up with Danny Medved. One can usually drive to the Anderson Lake trailhead but the road was closed. This added about 8 miles to our day. The line however was visible for the entire way and it lured us like mice to cheese. We made decent time to the Anderson Lake trail and then made our way to the snow. Danny introduced me to Jesse and Rob was Jesse’s roomie for 4 years. It was almost like he was with us. The chute climb was pretty straightforward though we tried to have one of us with eyes upward at all times looking for rockfall. This is one of the easternmost Elk peaks so rockfall is always an issue. At the top of the couloir we ridge walked to the actual summit.

Once back at the line we enjoyed about 1300′ of vertical corn bliss. Going third I had to deal with some ice again in the choke but without the suncups this wasn’t too bad.

On the way out I repeated told my partners that “I couldn’t make it any further. Just leave me behind and save yourselves.” They just wouldn’t listen. Afterward we soaked our sore feet in the Grizzly Reservoir. So refreshing. Enjoy the pics and the video.

Recon pic from the afternoon before
Not a lick of haze except for in my brain. Photo by D. Medved
Taken from the trail junction
Anderson Lake is alright I guess
Switching to crampons in front of Anderson Peak
Looking up at the line
Danny topping out
Looking south from the summit
East Face of Castle
Me and Rob looking down the line
3-2-1 Dropping
Rob getting some
Such a different day from yesterday
Danny’s turn
Hey you’re sluffing all my snow!!!
The choke
Really nice corn
Rob mid line. Photo by D. Medved
Quality turns were had
Wait dude do you see that patch of dirt.
Oh I didn’t know that you were working on your new BC Slopestyle tricks
Danny hits the rib for some more steeps
Grizzly Peak in the background
Yeah I guess Anderson Lake is OK
Me skiing. Photo D. Medved
Back at the car despite my protests