Verbier 4/21/2012 Une journée avec les belles femmes

My friend AnnChristina, whom I had met on my last visit, invited me back to Verbier for some more skiing. Weather was the only issue keeping me from returning and the window seemed to look like it was going to open for Saturday. I made a quick exit from Andorra after skiing and headed across France. After another 8 hours of driving and going way too fast while doing it I reached Argentiere, near Chamonix. I woke up and looked out the window. Les Grandes Montets top station was covered in clouds and it was snowing in the valley. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. Well I had plans to meet my friend at 10 so I was going. After a scary moment involving verglas and an oncoming corner I made it back to Switzerland. I didn’t need any coffee after that, I was awake. As I rounded the corner and Martigny came into view so did the sight of BLUE SKY. Game fucking on. With 40+cm of new snow over the last few days and cold temps to boot I knew it was finally gonna be great.

I met up with AnnChristina first who showed awesome Swiss precision by showing at exactly 10am, no seriously 10:00:00. Christianne and Chantal joined us and we headed for Mont Gele. The snow was soooooo good. Then we hit Stairway and Highway a couple times. I think we skied some other stuff too. Then Andy joined us for a few runs. Then we ate yummy food at the Cabane de Mont Fort. At 4pm we still skied fresh though heavy snow on the descent back to town. It was a great day. Thanks for showing me around again girl and it was very nice meeting you other ladies and you as well Andy.

I hope I got the French right in the title. So many languages this trip. It’s been a challenge, but it makes me feel even more alive having to think on my feet to communicate with all the great people I’ve met. Truly an adventure. It makes me want to learn more, take myself further.

Enjoy the pics

It's been a while
Will the weather hold?????
Christianne Mont Gele front side.
The snow was awesome.
Better than any other day this season back in Colorado. At least for me.
Cold smoke in the AM
AnnChristina ripping a carve.
Chantal enjoys the freshies
Heading up Stairway to Heaven
Yeah I'll follow you around the mountain for sure. Get some girl.
Andy getting some steep freshish snow.
Mmmm dinner. The food this trip has been awesome.


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