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Jul 29 2011

Clinton Peak 13,857′ East Chute 7/24/2011 The Last Line – OH YEAH!!!!

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Back in ’93 this was the 1st line I skied in the range. I only have one surviving shot left. So the first becomes the last. Dobish and Jesse joined me for this one. Old friend and new friend. NICE.

Me and Dobish headed up the night before. The plan was to get as far up Wheeler Road as we could. By the time we got up there it was dark. The 1st obstacle by the mine was difficult. The second obstacle was just too difficult in the dark so we made camp. Jesse hiked up to the camp site in the morning and I decided to give driving another shot. I don’t have lockers on my 4runner but I thought with proper tire placement I could get it done. I got it on the 1st try. The next obstacles went down pretty easily and we stopped at the snow at about 11500. That’s one bumpy road.

I love hiking for skiing in the summer. There’s just something about the grassy tundra and the wildflowers. Knowing that you’re getting in some turns just makes it that much more appealing. We couldn’t find an easy way across Wheeler Creek so we just followed it up to the flats near the lake. Then we climbed some nice steeps and made our way to the base of the line. We had all brought crampons and Jesse and me elected to wear them. The slope maxes out at about 46° and averages about 40°. Not really needed but hey we carried them why not. After the snow we tagged the summit and then came back and got ready for our ski.

It was quality corn. Some of the best I’ve gotten this late in the year. I dropped oin 1st then set up for pics. Dobish had his turn then Jesse had his.

The out via the road was bumpy yet again. It always scares me going downhill while 4 wheeling. The bouncing from the pull of gravity really makes things interesting. I hit my hitch a few times but that was the only bangs that I got. It’s a fun road for sure. I might have to put some lockers on my truck, I was reminded of how much I like 4 wheeling.

This is the last line for the book. Now I just have to finish the writing. Hopefully I’ll get it done by October. Perhaps I’ll ski a different range soon, stay tuned. Enjoy the pics


Looking over at Silverheels. Photo Jeremy Dobish


A look at Democrat. Still holding on. Photo Jeremy Dobish


Democrat still holding some snow. Photo by Jesse Peterson.

Pretty Flowers. Photo by Jesse Peterson

The line on the left was the target. Photo by Jesse Peterson

Onward and upward. Photo by Jesse Peterson


Heading for the top. Photo Jeremy Dobish




I'm up first. Photo Jesse Peterson


Mmmmm. Photo Jeremy Dobish


Nice to start and finish here. Photo Jeremy Dobish


Great snow thru here. Photo Jeremy Dobish


So green this year. Photo Jeremy Dobish

How sweet it is. Photo by Jesse Peterson

Strange perspective on this one. Photo by Jesse Peterson

Dobish drops in

Nice turns man

Not bad

Especially for July

Energizer bunny season

Fun Line

Jesse's turn or maybe turns

Perfect corn

I like this one the most. Check out the moon.

Decent angle on this line

Just a few more turns


At the choke. Photo Jeremy Dobish

Working the lower patch near the lake

And the skiing is complete for the project

Fun stuff. Photo Jesse Peterson


Last obstacle other than the snow that stopped us. Photo Jeremy Dobish

Nice rollover. We got him upright pretty easily. Photo Jesse Peterson


Second obstacle. Photo Jeremy Dobish

Tough road. Photo Jesse Peterson

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