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Jul 14 2011

Fletcher Mountain 13,951′ Northeast Chutes 7/2/2011 Spooky

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This is another line that was a repeat for me. The constant desire for more pictures seems to be story lately. I drove up to the trailhead and met up with a family of mountain goats. They were pretty damn cool. Met Mike from Colorado Academy at the trailhead. It was good hiking with you. We headed for the valley that leads to the Fletcher/Quandary ridge but then ended up climbing the spur. Fun rock climbing. When we got to the ridge I started line scoping. The second line looked good but as I was walking away it sluffed naturally. I went up to the left branch but it seemed to be too thin. The temps were getting high so I called it and headed back down to the line I had seen before.

I skied over to the entrance and for some reason I just got spooked. I didn’t want to drop in. Not for anything, I just didn’t feel right. About a minute later a large piece of cornice broke off and sluffed the exact line I was looking at. It was really spooky. Something just told me that I shouldn’t be in there. I skied down the ridge and then headed for the slopes leading off the Fletcher/Quandary saddle.

Such a strange day.

Mountain goats are really cool

Kids will be kids I guess

Fletcher in the distance

A look at Polaris Couloir, the direct line off Northstar

Looking down the line. You can see the runnel from the cornice fall

A nice consolation

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