Mt Democrat 14,148′ North Face and Emma Bowl 7/1/2011

This was a tough one. I made decent time from about 3/4 of a mile before the Kite Lake trailhead. Just a bit over 2 hours. I hung out at the top and took a bunch of pics then moseyed down about 20 vert and clicked in. I wasn’t sure about the middle line on the North Face so I opted for skiers right. I have now skied 2 lines on the North Face plus the North Couloir, a line that doesn’t go to the summit but the ridge NW of the summit. I dropped in and enjoyed the nicest corn run of the season. Another I don’t want to stop and take pictures kind of run. At the end of the snow I turned around and booted back up. This is when it got interesting. I was hit by an aura migraine. A large blind spot developed in my vision. I took some percocets and  3 caffeine goos. As soon as the goos hit me the aura went away and I was left with a splitting headache. What could I do but keep going up. The climbing was easier than the climb to the saddle. I made decent time considering. Once back on the summit I made for Emma Bowl. Finally the headache went away and it was time to ski again. The snow was softer but for the most part it all stayed put. I skied all the way back to the road below Kite Lake. Tough day, but it was oh so good.

Alpenglo on Loveland Mtn
My favorite shot of the day
A profile of Cameron's South Face
Democrat's North Face
Looking down the North Face
Perfect corn
Drug Break
Slow and steady with the feeling of an ice pick in my eye.
Top of Emma Bowl
Entering the fun zone on Emma Bowl
Looking back up from Emma Lake

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