North Star Mtn 13,580′ Tractor Bowl 6/6/2011

With the plan to ski Peak 4 shot for today we needed something fast for the morning. Parental duties beckoned back in Denver at 12:30 so Tractor Bowl seemed like a good option. I’ve skied this line 6 times already but I didn’t have an surviving pictures left. It took an hour to get to the drop in, which was 2.4 miles and 1400 vert. At 1st we thought the snow was cooked as there weren’t really low temps at this elevation overnight but a slight aspect change provided awesome corn. I measured the steepness at the top at 48 degrees. Another fun day Nate


1st view of the line
A touch more Southeast had better snow
Looking good Nate
A little sluff management was in order
I love this line
Sluffy for me too
Like visiting an old friend
Nate finishes up a great 3 day weekend

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