Mt Lincoln 14,286′ Amphitheater Slopes – Mt Cameron 14,238′ South Bowl 6/5/2011

Still buzzing about our ski on Peak 1 we headed west on I-70. The plan was to ski Big Mike Gully on Tenmile Peak but after checking it out we realized that it would probably suck. Lots of debris in the line from the big slide back in May. Well I guess that one won’t be in the book. I tried to think of a line that I still needed that was south facing and came up with the plan to go after Cameron. If temps were ok we’d go for the north line on Lincoln as our out.

We made good time to the summit of Lincoln. Good to meet you matraskier (tgrforums). We then headed over to Cameron. It’s been pretty warm lately and the direct chute was no longer in. Dropping from the summit and heading to the right led to a really fun chute. The corn was great. We skied over  the base of the saddle trail for Cameron and Democrat and made our way back to Lincoln. The haze got so crazy at this point, we couldn’t even see Silverheels across the valley.

I dropped in and skied down to the a good view of Lincoln’s North Direct but it wasn’t in any more. It was in 2 weeks ago. Oh well. We had nice turns down Lincoln Amphitheater and really enjoyed the lower waterfall section. Another really fun day.


On top of Lincoln
Crispy at the top.
Great corn the rest of the way
Nate enjoy said corn
Getting steeper
It goes through
Really fun snow
Steeper than I thought it would be 🙂
Interesting angle Nate
Messed up the sequence through here. Oh well
Creamed corn
This is a fun line
Really fun
The snow was so good here
Heading back to the trucks of Lincoln

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