Prospect Mountain 12,614′ South Bowl 5/18/2011

The forecast was calling for snow this day. I wasn’t hoping for much but I figured I should stay around and see what happened. I drove up Mosquito Pass Road out of Leadville and camped out. The wind was howling that night and it was the coldest night yet. I didn’t think much was going to happen in the morning. When I woke up it was cloudy. I watched out the window of Chez 4Runner and notice how the winds were coming from the south. They didn’t seem to be making over the divide. Perhaps I could squeeze in a route. Mmmm another solo. I figured I’d go for Prospect Mtn since it was well west of the divide. So off I went. The corn in the South Bowl was a pleasant surprise.

After Prospect I headed towards West Dyers North Face. As I got to the base It started snowing really hard. I had to put on a neck warmer to protect my face from the raging graupel storm. I bailed and decided to take pictures of a cool dilapidated building. Then I skied out and had pizza in Leadville. Damn, Mtn Pies has some awesome pizza.

I love it when you’re expecting nothing and end up getting something done.

Mosquito Pass Rd at Diamond Mine
Almost up East Prospect
West Dyer
Prospect Mtn's South Bowl
Twin Peaks looking moody
Looking back at the line. A nice quick tour

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