Loveland Mountain 13,692′ South Gully 5/15/2011

It seems like this is the year of weather. Also the year of whether. As in whether or not it can get done due to the weather. All winter and spring so far it seems like it’s been storming when I have a free day to go play. This was another such day. The alarms went off at 5:30 and we quickly realized that we were socked in. There was about 4 inches of new snow on the ground and the clouds were thick. We decided to sleep another hour and see what happened. When the alarm went off again I sat for a while looking at the clouds. Suddenly I saw a peak and some blue sky, then it was gone. I realized that we were in fog, not clouds. It was go time.

We cruised up the trail through theΒ  fog. When we got to where I thought the route was amazingly enough the fog parted and we could see our way up the mountain. We skinned to the base of our ascent line and then booted up mostly grassy slopes to the ridge. The last part was a bit of a pain on loose scree but for the most part it was painfree. At the ridge we were treated to a sight I have rarely seen in Colorado. A full blanket of fog extended across South Park all the way to Pikes Peak. It was stunning. After snapping a lot of pictures we headed over to the line.

Uh Oh!!!! The bottom of the line, where the cliffs are is shrouded in fog. Well lets drop in and see what happens. Amazingly after negotiating the tight entrance the fog parted and we could see the entire route. Time to ski. It was pretty decent corn though the skiers right under the cornice was a bit cooked. We leapfrogged down to the cliffs and Brian and Danny dropped it. I skied out the other way and was bummed to find that it was too narrow for my skis with a dogleg. I had to downclimb a short section. This got my heart pumping a bit since I had no axe or crampons.

It was nice to get a route done even though I thought for sure the day was lost from the start.

In the fog
The fog parts
The ski line is on the other side of that rib
Looking back at London Mtn
Rando racer Brian. The only rando racer with Dukes πŸ˜‰ You kicked ass man
Pennsylvania Mtn
An apple for teacher
Silverheels and Fog Park
Mosquito Pass area
Mt Cameron South Chute
Bross's South Side
Mt Arkansas
Panorama of the South Gully of Loveland
Uh Oh !!!!!
Brian getting through the upper choke
My Turn
Amazingly it clears
Go time
Brian finds some good snow
Fun stuff
So nice to be skiing corn again. Way too much powder πŸ˜‰
My turn
Danny rips it
A Nice look at the angle
Just because its spring you shouldn't stop using safe zones
I liked this line
Nearing the cliff section
The snow was a bit warm on the right side
Diggin the new binding position on the Pitons
Brian setting up for the exit
Stuck it
Looking at the line from London Mtn last year


  1. No we could only get to the London Mine Fork though we parked at the Mosquito Pass Rd fork. There is a slide path above the London Mine Fork and we didn’t want to camp under it. It’s gonna be a while before the road is clear to Paris Mine.

  2. Thanks for the scoop. Finally some sunshine here and actually saw some glistening snow!

  3. Looking forward to more corn this weekend and stabilizing conditions. 18 more days of routes to get done

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