East Ball Mountain 12,947′ Dyer Mountain 13,856′ Hot, Hot, Hot 5/14/2011

After the drive up from New Mexico and a nice amount of vert I headed to the hot springs in Buena Vista for some relaxation. I called the partners for the day and planned to meet up with them in Leadville. We headed up to the trailhead to camp and got a nice early start. Our goal was to hit the South Bowl of East Ball the head up Dyer. If the weather would permit we’d then go for West Sheridan. From the winter trailhead we made good time to East Ball and had a really nice corn ski. Its a super fun line that you can ski fast or make lots of great corn turns on. Then it rolls over and get a bit more technical. After that Me and Danny headed up towards Dyer. Brian headed for West Sheridan’s East Bowl.

On the way up Dyer things really started to heat up. I’d say it reached 60 degrees. I had sweat literally falling in a stream off my nose. No drips, a stream. We got to about 13200 and called it. The weather had it’s way once again. It’s either snowing or it’s tropical. Argh. I’ve already skied this line but needed some more pictures. We got what we came for and left to meet Brian. On our way over to Brian we noticed that the weather was changing for the worse. We reached the zone Brian was waiting for us and agreed that the day was over. On the out we had to skin back to the Iowa Gulch road. Now the storm was at hand. There was lightning above and the temps were dropping. We switched over to ski mode from skins and were putting on our skis when the flash came. About 5 seconds later we heard the boom. I felt a shock coming up through my arm to my chest. I threw the ski pole away and hit the snow. My ski pole had been in the ground while i was getting into my skis and my soaking wet gloves must have kept the rubber handle from doing it’s job. We high tailed it outta there through a blizzard of graupel.

Enjoy the pics

Mt Massive alpenglo. Photo By Brian Lindahl
The ascent route on East Ball Mtn
The North Chute on West Sheridan
Danny Heading up East Ball Mtn
Passing the local. Photo by Danny Medved
My Euro friend with the heavy skis 😉
Danny goes 1st
It was corny
Creamy corn
My Euro friend skis fast
Very Fast
He's got gut form too Yahhh
So nice to be skiing corn finally. Photo Danny Medved
This was a fun section
Danny had some fun
The snow was decent 😉
The apron however wasn't
Looking back at the line
Heading back to Dyer
Too hot to go further
Gemini, Sherman and Sheridan
Danny dealing with the mashers
Heading past the old ghost town
Oh shit it's coming right for us

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