Wheeler Peak 13,161 and Mt Walter 13,131 New Mexico Fun 5/13/2011

So I went up to Hoosier Pass in the evening of the 12th and went for a little walk to assess the new snow. Winds were howling with gusts well over 70 mph. I decided that our plans for Democrat the next day weren’t going to fly, not with over a foot of new and high winds. I went to Breckenridge and had some dinner. What could I do. I looked at the weather for all the 14er areas in Colorado and it was all the same, HIGH WINDS. I’m not sure why but I checked the Taos area and the forecast was for only 5-8 mph winds. I had a plan, no partner but I still had a plan. So off I went southward. I got to the trailhead parking at 1:30 am and got to sleep pretty quick. I had no idea what the snowpack looked like but at alarm I was off up the Williams Lake trail. I made pretty good time thru the woods and figured my way up to saddle between Walter and Wheeler. I was able to skin almost all the way to the saddle and saw a reasonable line on the west side of Wheeler. It looked like a fun ski though kind of boring. AT the top of Wheeler I decided that I’d ski the east side for about 500 vert then climb up to Walter and ski that too. And so it went. Whe I got to the top of Walter I checked the northeast bowl and it was stacked. I decided to ski this instead and was it fun. The I went back up Walter and skied down to the saddle. A quick traverse got me to the West side line. I skied all the way back to Kachina lift. A fun 1st day of a great week in the hills. Time to go back to Colorado. Here are some pics.


Kachina Lift
Williams Lake
Heading up to the Walter Wheeler saddle
Looking at Lake Fork Peak and Kachina Peak
The West Slopes Line
On Top New Mexico
Looking at Mt Walter's SE Slopes
Big Mike Peak. This one and Lake Fork Pk might have to get done sometime
Mt Walter's Horseshoe Bowl
Looking back at my line
And from the side to get an idea of steepness
Looking dow the west side line and Taos Ski Area
The snow was a bit wierd here. But I got to ski all the way back to the lift base

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