Mt Huron 14,003′ East Face Couloir 4/6/07

So the plan for this weekend was to get Yale on Friday with Andrew (non-mag) and then meet up with Dobish and head down to the San Juans and try for Sunshine Redloud and the San Luis. Doumall got back from his successful trip to Orizaba and Ixty and wanted in. He suggested that instead of doing Yale we go for Huron. The pic from couloirman’s Belford TR was all we needed for inspiration. Andrew had to work so it would be just us. We met up and drove down separately with doumall towing the sleds and me in the 4runner to go to points south with dobish and Andrew. We got to the Rockdale trailhead at 11:30pm and proceeded scope out the stream crossing and the feasibility of using the sled. It was a definite no. ARGHHH!! Add 5 miles and 1000 vert.

3:45 came all too quickly. We were on the trail just before 5am and made great time to Cloyses Lake.

The Stream

First look at Huron from the Southeast
Looking Nice

This section of the trip was nuts. I spaced my sunglasses in my comatoasted state at 4am and was wearing goggles the whole way up to the ridge. You know in the movies when they tape the hose to the guys head so it looks like he’s sweating a ton. Well I shit you not the sweat was literally running in a stream off my goggles. It was pretty sweet. All the activity you see had happened the day before and we weren’t postholing at all on the more east facing slope that we hiked up. But damn was that sun working us over.

We both got nice summit skis

Getting ready to drop in
This looks fun (by Joe Brannen)
Doumall Droppin In
Joe 1
Joe 2
Joe 3
Joe 4

Joe 5

Joe 6

Joe 7

Joe 8

My Turn (pics by Joe Brannen)

Fritz 1

Fritz 2

Fritz 3

Fritz 4

Fritz 6

Doumall getting rad on the way out


What a great day. This was top 5 all time as far as fun factor for me. Thanks doumall. You’re a great partner. 10 hours total time for 10 miles and 4000 vert. It was sweet actually keeping up with you today. This is a really fun route that chokes off early so go get it while the getting’s good. It’s northeast facing so it has a later window than the normal chutes that face southeast.

The Route


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