The Kitchen Remodel – Finally Done

This has nothing to do with skiing and everything to do with skiing. With this project finally complete I have a ton more free time to get out to the hills. Plus my wife is happy and that is a very ideal place to be. Happy wife equals more skiing and a better time in general. She helped a ton with this project. I built the cabinets myself, in my garage. We did almost all the install ourselves except the Countertops and fishing some electrical. The window was enlarged by a mason, it would have sucked if I did it and the wall collapsed, they have insurance to cover things like that. The welding for the bar was done by a pro as well. Dobish’s company provided the machine work for the bar supports and they are all 5 inches to the 10,000th of an inch. I can’t believe how much I learned with this project. Upstairs bathroom coming up next summer.

So happy to have this done. Now lets ski more.

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