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Jan 03 2013

Mount Greylock 3491′ Thunderbolt Trail 1/2/2013 A CCC Classic

Spending New Years in NYC is always fun. My folks just cant seem to get enough of my kids. As some of you know I can’t get enough skiing. While I was in Utah I heard about a decent sized storm heading for the East Coast. I kept an eye on things. My friend Kelly […]

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Feb 24 2011

Gothics, NY 4,736′ True North Slide 2/21/2011 Cold, Solo, Fun

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The planning for this trip began a month ago when I made reservations to go visit my parents back in NY. It seemed like a good time for the kids to see Grandma and Grampa, what with a nice long weekend over Presidents Day. I followed the weather pretty often and noticed that there was […]

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May 02 2009

Mt Washington, NH Right Gully 3/21/09

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Well I was back east in Boston for some dorking at the Bay State Coin Show and thought it might be fun to get up Mt Washington and do a little skiing. So I called up my friend Daniel who I’ve known since I was 3 and we had a plan. I used to live […]

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