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Feb 07 2017

Buckeye Peak 12,867′ Question Mark Gully 1/21/2017 – A Strange New World #womensmarchforpowder

After spending day after day delivering books and skiing short laps around town in some of the best snow Colorado has seen in years we felt like we had earned a trip further afield for some hot water, birthday celebrations for Ally and a line I’ve been wanting to ski for a long time. We […]

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Dec 17 2016

Mount Machebeuf 12,805′ East Slopes 12/16/2016 – High Danger Day

Got out for a nice tour yesterday. The snowpack is still very touchy. We heard well over 20 whumphs throughout the day. Our initial CT failed on isolation and we noticed recent natural slides on the way to the zone. Visibility was nil at points. This zone is the ideal terrain for high danger days. […]

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Jul 12 2016

Sawtooth Mountain 12,304′ South Bowl 7/6/2016

With the weather finally clearing and more of the same in the forecast we wheeled up Coney Flats Road again. Made it to the upper trailhead again but decided to forgo the water crossing after hitting the differential the last time I went thru. Found a sweet campsite and played around with the tripod, shooting […]

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Jul 01 2016

East Jasper 12,900′ Northeast Bowl and “Diamond Hill” 12,040′ East Slopes – 6/24/2016 – Alone Time

After North Arapaho it seemed like a good idea to save on gas and just stay put and stay in position to get East Jasper and another line that I skied part of when I skied Jasper’s Snow Leopard. I got up nice and early and headed up the trail to the Diamond Lake Trail […]

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Jul 01 2016

Radiobeacon BM 12,072′ “Frosty” 12,000′ and “Sprint Peak” 12,110′ – 6/21/2016 – Snow is still holding on

After  great tour to the Crater Lake zone I took a day off and just relaxed. I feel like I’ve gotten what I need for the Grand County portion of the book. Time to move to the east side of the range. I had hoped to get it all without the approach by doing the […]

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Jun 28 2016

Mirror Lake – Lone Eagle Finger – Hopi Kiva Ramp – Fair Glacier – 6/17-19-2016

With the blood still wet on y leg from the bushwhacking mishap I headed north to Granby. Unfortunately I missed the Forest Service opening hours so I had to camp and hit it in the morning to get my permit. Gotta follow the rules even when that means putting things off. The Monarch Lake trailhead […]

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Jun 27 2016

UN12,393 Iron Creek Couloir 6/16/2016 – Such a Gem – Big Eyes minus the approach

After a day off in Denver to regroup and shift gears I headed up the evening before to camp. I was planning on riding up St Louis Creek Road but they finally had the gate open, figures. On the way in it was clear the summit shot had melted out; too bad the snow was […]

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Jun 25 2016

Berthoud Pass to Moffat Tunnel Traverse plus Jenny Lake Bowl 6/11-14/2016

Well this didn’t go as planned. I was originally hoping for a traverse from Berhoud to Wild Basin. Again the weather had it’s way with me. I felt like the entire experience was a lesson in futility. My goal was to do a light mostly solo traverse across the Front Range, skiing as many lines […]

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Jun 16 2016

Watanga 12,375′ Hiamovi 12,395′ Irving Hale 11,754′ 6/4-5/2016 – Exploring the Roaring Fork

After Byers I fueled up with some coffee and had some dinner in Fraser. I headed up to the Roaring Fork Trailhead and made up the 4Runner house. It was hot that night and sleeping was rough. I slept in and got started up the trail at about 10am. The Roaring Fork trail is part […]

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